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Silverback Communications has partnered up with established vendors to give our customers a piece of mind when it comes to the security of there network. We offer full solutions for protection, including DDOS mitigation, DDOS prevention, email filtering, data-back up, cloud services, virtual services and in-house appliances.  

Web browsers, remote access and mobile devices are also some of the threat vectors that Silverback Communications and its current VARS can provide protection for.   

A long with protection, email archiving service for both cloud, virtual and appliance is available.  All of this with total integration with Microsoft products.  



Since 1999, Arbor DDoS protection and network visibility solutions have been tested and proven in the world’s largest, most complex networks. We deliver powerful visibility and traffic intelligence, at internet scale, to help customers not only understand their own environment, but threat actors, their tools, behaviors and campaigns on a global basis.


The challenges of network and data security are complex, but solving them does not need to be. Barracuda is your single source for securing all of your threat vectors, including email, websites, web applications, mobile devices, and network performance – whether on-site or in the cloud.


DDOS Protection 

Arbor Networks® DDoS Protection Solutions are proven in the world’s most demanding networks. Our portfolio offers complete deployment and pricing flexibility through a mix of managed services, in-cloud, on-premise and virtualized solutions.


Advanced Threats

Arbor Networks®Advanced Threat Solutions leverage NetFlow and Packet Capture technology for network-wide situational awareness, broad and deep traffic visibility and dynamic security intelligence that converts threat detection and incident response into powerful visualizations, and rapid, real-time and historical insights.


Network Visibility 

The vast majority of the world’s ISPs rely on Arbor for visibility from the peering edge, at the customer edge, into data centers and on mobile networks. Arbor intelligently analyzes data from across the network allowing you to detect threats, improve traffic engineering, provide business insights, and optimize service performance so you can enhance the bottom line.

Secure all your threat vectors

Barracuda’s powerful, best-of-breed security products secure your organization’s threat vectors – email, web applications, remote access, web browsing, mobile Internet, and network perimeters whether on premises or in the cloud. Leveraging the benefits of hardware, cloud, and virtual technology, backed by threat intelligence from Barracuda Central — Barracuda solutions consistently deliver total threat protection from zero day, advanced malware, automated threats, and other attacks.

Secure your business-critical data 

Data Protection Plus bridges today’s modern workforce demands by leveraging the latest innovations across Barracuda’s Storage solutions. Now you can easily secure your most important business data, emails, and applications while meeting users’ needs for information access across all their devices. Barracuda’s cloud-connected, mobile-enabled storage technologies are designed to simplify IT, and to help your users work more efficiently, wherever they area.

Total Threat Protection - DDOS Mitigation - SB Communications 

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